Thursday, December 16, 2010

Requests for papers 2010

Please provide the citation information for the 2010 paper you want as a comment below (authors, date, title, journal name, journal volume, journal page numbers).  Then watch the 'Papers available 2010' post for a link to be provided.


  1. How about links to the arsenic-bacteria paper and its supplementary material? Wolfe-Simon et al, Science Dec. 2 2010. A bacterium that can grow by using arsenic instead of phosphorus.

  2. Larsen et al, N Engl J Med 2010; 363:2102-2113. Diets with High or Low Protein Content and Glycemic Index for Weight-Loss Maintenance.

  3. Nature
    Volume: 468,
    Pages: 889–890
    Date published:(16 December 2010)
    DOI: doi:10.1038/468889a

  4. Build life to understand it
    Michael Elowitz & Wendell A. Lim

  5. B. I. Hutchins, Competitive Outgrowth of Neural Processes Arising from Long-Distance cAMP Signaling. Sci. Signal. 3(118), jc1 (2010).

  6. A bacterium that can grow by using arsenic instead of phosphorus.

    Wolfe-Simon, et al. Science 2 December 2010
    Paper and Online Supplement



  8. The Wolfpack Effect
    Perception of Animacy Irresistibly Influences Interactive Behavior

    Tao Gao, Gregory McCarthy and Brian J. Scholl

    doi: 10.1177/0956797610388814

    Psychological Science December 2010 vol. 21 no. 12 1845-1853

  9. There are much simpler ways to accomplish this.

    If all you want is a PDF of a particular paper, just send an email to the corresponding author and ask for it. Simple, direct, and doesn't violate copyright law. As an added bonus, the author gets the satisfaction of knowing how many people want to see her/his paper.

    And have you heard of PubMed Central? It is a digital archive of papers funded by the US National Institutea of Health. Your tax dollars are paying for it, might as well use it:

  10. Baquero, F., Negri, M. C., Morosini, M. I. & Blazquez, J. Selection of very small differences in bacterial evolution. Int Microbiol 1, 295-300 (1998).

  11. Bad Science Used to Support Torture and Human Experimentation
    Iacopino, et al.
    Science 7 January 2011: 34-35.

  12. HSP90, a Capacitor of Behavioral Variation
    Hung, Hsiu-Cheng1; Kay, Steve A.2; Weber, Frank3

    Journal of Biological Rhythms, Volume 24, issue 3 (June 2009), p. 183-192.
    ISSN: 0748-7304 DOI: 10.1177/0748730409333171
    SAGE Publications

  13. Requesting:

    Journal of Luminescence
    Volume 27, Issue 4, December 1982-February 1983, Pages 455-462

    Fluorescence quantum yields of some rhodamine dyes
    R. F. Kubin and A. N. Fletcher

  14. Requesting:

    The mutation spectrum revealed by paired genome sequences from a lung cancer patient

    Nature - May 2010

  15. Requesting:
    Autism and mitochondrial disease. Dev Disabil Res Rev. 2010 Jun;16(2):144-53.

  16. Sci Transl Med 12 January 2011:
    Vol. 3, Issue 65, p. 65ra4
    DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3001756
    Carrier Testing for Severe Childhood Recessive Diseases by Next-Generation Sequencing

  17. Craighead G., et alii
    Nano Lett., 2010, 10 (6), pp 2058–2063
    DOI: 10.1021/nl100193g
    "Fabrication of a Nanomechanical Mass Sensor Containing a Nanofluidic Channel"

  18. Would be great:

    Astrophysics and Space Science
    Volume 289, Numbers 3-4, 283-286, DOI: 10.1023/B:ASTR.0000014956.12840.47
    SNR Surface Density Distribution in Nearby Galaxies

    Manami Sasaki, Dieter Breitschwerdt and Rodrigo Supper

    btw: You should open a folder "Requests 2011" etc.

  19. looking for 2 articles from Tillier published in Proteins:

    Tillier et al. Codep: maximizing co-evolutionary interdependencies to discover interacting proteins. Proteins (2006) vol. 63 (4) pp. 822-31,+access+to+Wiley+Online+Library+will+be+disrupted+on+Saturday,+5th+Mar+between+10:00-12:00+GMT

    Xu and Tillier. Regional covariation and its application for predicting protein contact patches. Proteins (2010) vol. 78 (3) pp. 548-58;jsessionid=701A7EC846AB032E0C36D98988E15A37.d02t02?systemMessage=Due+to+scheduled+maintenance,+access+to+Wiley+Online+Library+will+be+disrupted+on+Saturday,+5th+Mar+between+10:00-12:00+GMT

  20. looking for 2 articles from Tillier published in Proteins (2), with the DOI references:

  21. Requesting:

    Power Correlations for Close-Clearance Helical Impellers In Non-Newtonian Liquids
    Virendra V. Chavan, Jaromir Ulbrecht
    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Process Design and Development 1973 12 (4), 472-476

  22. Looking for
    Acupuncture: Does it alleviate pain and are there serious risks? A review of reviews.
    Ernst E, Lee MS, Choi TY.
    Pain. 2011 Apr;152(4):755-64.